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What can an Agrayco Engineer bring to my project?

  • Value engineering – Going through your project with a fine-toothed comb to identify cost saving opportunities which help you get the same result for less.

  • Planning permission and building regulation approval – Leave it to your Agrayco engineer to complete all of the relevant plans to gain approval for your project.

  • Cost and practicality input – You don’t need to wait until the build stage before finding out that an idea is too expensive or impractical. Your Agrayco engineer will keep a close eye on the development stage to identify any feasibility issues and correct them sooner rather than later.

  • Improving build functionality – Agrayco engineers can help to identify the optimum methods for constructing certain parts of your project which strike that perfect balance between quality and cost.

  • Precision plans – Agrayco engineers can help take the designs and form them into millimetre-perfect construction plans to make the build process faster and smoother. We can also produce any formal drawings required for a range of different purposes – just leave them all to Agrayco.

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