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Need planning approvals & building permits help for your project in anywhere in Kenya?

Agrayco gets 97% of planning and building applications accepted first time around. Here’s 5 key reasons why:

We know the planning process inside-out

Choose Agrayco and you have a design and build company on your side which knows just as much about planning laws as your local authority does. We know exactly how they work, what your local authority wants to see and what they are likely to accept or reject.


Detailed plans designed to get your project approved

We know what your local authority and building control expect, so you get clear and concise plans with articulated justifications for the project to maximise the chance of approval.


Persistence pays

If we believe that your application should be accepted, we will fight for your project every step of the way and use every appeal process available to gain planning approval.


Agrayco has handled thousands of successful planning applications for clients throughout Kenya

This means that we know the ins and outs of policy frameworks provided by the all the county governments bylaws. We can also look at previous victories to draw upon precedents which can be used to justify your proposal.

Let's Work Together

Want the best chance of first-time approval?

Contact us.

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